Friday, January 15, 2010

Close to home

I have been working on developing and growing Maine Street Events over the last few months, but unfortunately in the last few days my family has been thrown a huge curve ball. My husband is from Haiti. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Haiti from 1999 to 2001. The recent 7.0 Earthquake that hit Haiti has hit our home harder than one could ever imagine. We are lucky to know that my mother, father and brother in law are all in the southern region and safe, but we are waiting every day for news on other extended family and friends. The waiting game has to be the hardest piece of this tragedy. Each time the phone rings our hearts skip a beat and we hope against hope it is someone calling to say they are fine.
This magnitude of this tragedy is something unfathomable. The immediate need is one of water, food and shelter. Triage, for both the people and the infrastructure is important as well. It is going to take time to rebuild.
Time, resources and heart.
If there is one thing that I believe Haitians have a lot of, it is heart. Heart is what it is going to take to rebuild their capitol from scratch, heart is what it is going to take to rebuild their families, heart to make it through the greatest life challenge ever.
People have asked what they can do.
What can you say that would help the millions of people who have lost one, two or many loved ones. Fiscal gifts to organizations is good for now, but I believe that the best thing is to not forget and follow the process closely and offer help in second, third and fourth waves.
Maine Street Events will be collaborating with other groups in the near future to provide fundraising or other ways to support the reconstruction. It is our home and families that are effected. Despite the distance between Maine and Haiti, it has major ties to our own communities.
Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

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