Monday, November 23, 2009

The creation of Maine Street Events

Event planning has always been a part of my life... probably starting way back when I was in High School and planned sports teams Spaghetti Dinners and awards parties and even a formal dinner party for one of my birthday's! Each of the details; the menu, the decor, the invites; all gave me a little addrenaline rush. Employers and groups I belonged to quickly realized my talents and used them for meetings, fundraisers and group activities.

This past June I was part of a two person team that brought the Taste of Brunswick to Brunswick, Maine. We showcased 18 local restaurants, a local brewer and three local bands on what turned out to be the one sunny Saturday in June. Over 1000 people attended, ate, drank and danced in the summer season. The success of that event prompted several groups to ask for assistance, and since I would soon be gainfully unemployed, I thought, I should do this for real. After a month of conversations with my Taste partner, she convinced me that I could do it, and Maine Street Events was born!

Since then I am happy to have partnered with the Camden Rockport based Maine Fare and most recently the Friends of Waterbor Public Library's Gala and Auction. The future is bright, and I hope that I will be able to encourage other organizations that passing the stress of event planning to Maine Street Events will allow them to celebrate their employees, team with a local charity for a fundraiser, or a meeting that needs just a little extra. Maine Street Events will work with you and within your budget.